Magic Knight imageFinders Keepers+

A refresh, update and extension of the original Finders Keepers

Magic Knight will shortly return in Finders Keepers+. Some (badly kept) secrets will be revealed!

Finders Keepers+ will be a ZX-Spectrum project and while I intend retaining all copyrights to it, I will be releasing it for download via emulators and maybe also making a limited edition tape for collectors.

The game will play much the same as the original, but with extra content and other improvements. It won't be a Windimation game, that would have to be an entirely different game that I don't intend writing. One thing I will say for it is that it will have a much more satisfying ending. In fact it will have multiple endings so that you can enjoy replaying it to try and reach all of them.

If you're reading this and are capable of putting a ZX-Spectrum game on any other platforms please contact me and let's see if we can work on that together.

This project has been on hold for a while, but it's still going to happen!

I need to move house and do some real world things first and then I'll be able to settle down and get it done. Regardless of anywhere else that news might appear, I will be updating this site and page as and when there's progress.


Currently I have reconstructed the majority of the original source by disassembling the binary image and applying labels and comments from a faded partial print out that I managed to find. I have added one of the new features and I have made extensive notes about what I want to add and how it will fit together.