Magic Knight imageKnight-Tyme

The third game featuring Magic Knight

Knight-Tyme was a release title for the 128K Spectrum. Most other release titles were upgraded 48K games, but Knight-Tyme had been written for the 128K Spectrum as a new title.

I deliberately wrote it for the 128K first for two main reasons :-

1. Because I'd been given a 128K Spectrum to play with and was keen to make use of the new features

2. I realised that I'd make a better game by not being memory restricted and that I could then do a cut down version for the 48K Spectrum where I'd try and keep most, if not all, of the 'good' bits

While I didn't need all of the available memory, I made sure I used most of it. In fact, I used a whole 16K page for a screen saying 'FLASH' that I paged in when a photo was taken with the camera. I could have compressed that, but I saved all that space by not having the 'effect' in the 48K version