Magic Knight imageSpellbound

The second game featuring Magic Knight

Spellbound used the innovative menu based command structure called Windimation to allow the player to enter detailed commands for Magic Knight to follow. I originally called this Tankimation, for no better reason than that I was in the habit of carrying my own glass-bottomed pewter tankard with me when going out for beers. Then I decided that would be a bit silly and renamed it to Windimation.

Numerous people have asked where I got the idea for the menu system from. Well, I actually saw an Apple machine for about 5 minutes and it gave me the basic idea so I rushed home and started implementing it.

The intention behind Windimation was that I could write graphical games that played more like the Scott Adams adventures that I enjoyed on my TRS-80, but with world actions handled more smoothly and without the user having to think of the correct word to use to do the action they have decided upon.