Magic Knight imageStormbringer

The fourth game featuring Magic Knight

This was the final installment of the adventures of Magic Knight on the Spectrum back in the 1980's. But there are plans to continue the series. See the Finders Keepers+ page and watch this site for further news.

Stormbringer made it a trilogy of Windimation games with Finders Keepers as the non-Windimation prequel. However, by the time I wrote this there had been changes at Mastertronic and 16-bit machines were starting to become a viable market. The people who dealt with external programmers at Mastertronic had also changed and I didn't feel that they were particularly interested anymore. So I took ages writing it and I don't feel that I did as good a job as I could of.

This is another reason why I'd like to update Magic Knight and bring new stories to a 21st Century audience