Magic Knight image Welcome to Magic Knight Games

Magic Knight Games is the home of Magic Knight a popular game character from the 1980's

Magic Knight started life in the ZX-Spectrum Game Finders Keepers and went on to star in a further three games for the ZX-Spectrum which were converted for numerous other, mostly, 8-bit platforms.

Finders Keepers and the other ZX-Spectrum games were designed and written by David Jones with Graphics by Ray Owen and the original idea of creating a game based around a knight in armour was by Albert Owen, Ray's father.

It has now been almost 30 years since Magic Knight first appeared and there are more tales to unfold...

Magic Knight will rise again...

Updated 12/05/14 - Added links to pages for the games and news at the top of this page

Updated 20/05/14 - Added Spellbound OUYA page and different screenshots for each game

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Next - I want to use some of the OUYA graphics to do some sort of Magic Knight animation on a HTML5 canvas. Not sure what yet though.